Common Mistakes In Ihram And Saaee Part 1



  1. Lying, boasting and cursing about oneself (based on wealth, position or genealogy in such a way that other Muslim is insulted) are always forbidden. Its prohibition, though, is intensified in the state of ihram. And its penalty is looking forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty; however, the penalty of sacrificing is required based on precaution.
  1. Sometimes a pilgrim in condition of ihram passes by a place with a foul smell and he automatically closes his nose. This is prohibited for him; though, he is allowed to move away hurriedly from that place.
  1. A pilgrim sometimes swears in the name of ALLAH Almighty falsely to prove or show to be false something. If he does that, then he has to pay a penalty by sacrificing. And if he swears honestly three times, even then he has to pay a akin penalty.
  1. People on a regular basis clip the nail of their feet and hands. This is a good act but not for a pilgrim who is in the state of ihram.
  1. It is allowable to use the land and cell telephone in the condition of ihram.
  1. Some male pilgrims in the condition of ihram wear sleepers that just expose their toes. Though, based on precaution, this is not allowable; it is not enough that only the toes are exposed, as well the toes, a part of the upper feet should also be exposed.
  1. Some pilgrims kill the insects or the flies or bedbugs by using insecticides or other kind of sprays. This is a mistake as he pilgrim is not allowed to kill any insect, lice, animal etc.

Common Mistakes in Saaee

  1. Some pilgrims think that going from hill Safa to Marwa and then returning to Safa is counted as one round of the saaee. The correct way is to count the going towards Hill Marwa as the 1st round and the return back to Safa hill as the 2nd round.
    If a pilgrim counts it in the incorrect way (and ended up doing 14 rounds instead of 7) out of ignorance or he relied on someone who is well-known to be familiar with the rulings of pilgrimage, then there is nothing on him. But if he does this without any good excuse, then he should repeat the entire saaee.
  1. It happens sometimes that the pilgrim is going towards hill of Safa and then turns his back towards it due to crowd or because he saw a friend, or anyone etc. This is wrong; and if this happens, then he or she has to return back to the place where the destruction took place and restart the saaee from that point onwards in the right direction because 1 of the conditions of validity of the saaee is that the pilgrim must face Marwa hill while walking towards it and face Safa hill while walking towards it.  is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Umrah Packages 2016 with Flights  from UK.



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