Health Tips For Hajj


Islam has obliged every Muslim to perform Hajj once in a life time if he can afford the expenses of travel and can bear the hardships associated with Hajj. Staying fit and healthy during Hajj is very important to perform the rituals with full zeal and zest and utmost dedication.

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Every year number of pilgrims are greater than that of the previous year. People come to Hajj from different countries all around the world. The chances of passing disease from one person to other increase drastically. So, one has to take care of his health to stay fit during the entire journey. Following are some of the tips to stay healthy and fit during hajj;


Hajj involves a lot of walking as it is required in almost all the ritual associated with it. So habit of walking or jogging proves to very helpful to perform Hajj with full dedication. Walking or jogging for minimum three days a week is best practice. Although it is a good practice whether you are going for hajj or not but for pilgrims it is advised to start this habit at least six weeks prior to hajj.

Healthy Food

The main source of energy to the body is the food. So this food must be nutritious and free of all the health risky ingredients. Good food with additional amounts of iron and zinc leads to increased immunity of the body which proves to be very helpful in case of any disease. Food rich of calcium and manganese help make the bones strong and as a result it makes people healthy.  Pilgrims should try to avoid junk foods as they can affect the stomach in negative way. Also, it has been proven scientifically that junk food make men and women less active which is not good for hajj.


Government of Saudi Arabia has made it a part of hajj regulation to check for the vaccination certificate of pilgrims against the common diseases. This step is to ensure the maximum security against the diseases so that entire hajj gathering can perform its duties with full dedication. The vaccinations against Meningococcal Meningitis, Flu and yellow fever is necessary. The vaccination certificate is issued to the pilgrims which are checked by the Saudi officials before entry into pilgrimage areas.

Medical Kit

It is recommended to all the pilgrims to keep the medical kit with them during the hajj. During hajj, thousands of people come and chances of any mishap are always there. Therefore, it is always in the interest of pilgrims to prepare themselves for all conditions. Besides, basic medication and water bottles must be kept always in case of dehydration.

Hajj is performed by thousands of Muslims every year as it is one of the most important basic of Islam. Being healthy is one of the important part to perform hajj in its true meaning. Plan with hajj journey with Makkah Tours in very affordable rates.  is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of Cheap Umrah Packages 2016 from UK.

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