How Salah Organize life of Muslim

How Salah Organize life of Muslim

Salah is one of the major pillars of Islam. A person becomes a Muslim once he or she admits and convinced that there is not God but Almighty Allah and Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) is the Prophet and Messenger of Allah. After this confession, immediately, a person becomes a Muslim within no time. It is obligatory for each and every Muslim to offer the Salah at-least five time a day. There are a lot of virtues and benefits of Salah and it can change the lives in both of the worlds i.e. in this world and in the world hereafter.

Prayer in Congregation

Ideally, a Muslim must be offering the five obligatory prayers in congregation. Even a few religious scholars believe that for a man, it is obligatory to offer the five obligatory prayers in congregation unless he has a very genuine reason for not doing so. However, other religious scholars have the opinion that it is not obligatory to offer all the five prayers in the congregation but if you do so, you will get the enhanced reward, 27 times more as compared to the Salah which you have offered alone. But for the Juma prayer, it is considered to be obligatory to offer in the congregation but for the normal day’s obligatory prayers, the exact way is not confirmed. But all the religious scholars are convinced that it is a lot better to offer the five compulsory Salah in the congregation and therefore, it is awesome to go to Mosque and offer the obligatory prayers in congregation.

Proper Cleanliness and Personal Management

It is advised to offer the prayer in the state of proper cleanliness and purity. A person has to take bath as per the rules prescribed in Shariah, and need to have washed and cleaned clothes in order to offer the Salah. Similarly, the unwanted hairs on underarms and under the navel are also advised to be properly trimmed before offering a Salah. This way, Salah is a terrific way of organizing the life and personal management of a Muslim. It automatically makes you clean and well managed because you know that in order to offer the Salah, you have to clean yourself and your clothes in addition to removing the unwanted hair from your body. As you need to offer the Salah five times each day, you always remain clean and properly managed because of the habit of offering the Salah consistently on a regular basis.

Increased Social Circle

It is very important and useful for humans to socialize and increase their social circle in order to live a better life. Offering the Salah in the congregation on a regular basis helps a lot in automatically enhancing your social exposure and not only you are meeting more people every day, but also, you are availing the chance of meeting the best people in the world who are coming to Mosques regularly in order to offer the Salah regularly. Surely, offering the Salah helps you a lot in organizing and managing your social circle.

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