Importance of Preaching in Islam

Importance of Preaching in Islam

Almighty Allah has sent a lot of Messengers on this planet Earth to guide people towards the right direction. Their major goal was to introduce people towards the right direction and to make them aware that there is no God except Allah and everyone should have a firm belief in this fact and should obey all the commands given by Almighty Allah through his highly respected Prophets or Messengers.

Last Messenger Mohammed (S.A.W.)

The trend of sending the Messengers by Almighty Allah kept going on till the arrival of his last Prophet and Messenger Mohammed (S.A.W.). After Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) no new Prophet will come and now, it is the responsibility of each and every Muslim to spread Islam across the globe. There are a lot of people living in this world who are unaware of fact that there is no God except Almighty Allah and Mohammed (S.A..W.) is the Prophet and Messenger of Almighty Allah. Now it is the duty of all the believers to try their level best in order to make the maximum number of people aware of this reality. Muslims should spread the true message of Islam to everyone and must not demand any reward or compensation from the people to whom they have transmitted the most valuable lesson of this world. They should expect to get a huge reward from Almighty Allah because of all their efforts related to spreading Islam.

Hurdles and Obstacles

When a person is preaching the Holy message, he or she may have to face a lot of obstacles or hurdles caused by non-believers or evil-minded persons. Even the Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) has also faced a lot of troubles caused by non-believers but he remained firm and committed throughout his life and kept on spreading the true religion so that maximum people can be saved from the hellfire. From the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.), we must learn how to keep struggling to preach Islam up to maximum level despite tough conditions and huge obstacles. You may face trouble or issues when you are calling the people towards the right path, but you need to ask Almighty Allah to help you and keep you stable and firm so that you can convey the message of truth to more and more and you can become the source through whom, Almighty Allah is giving people the guidance towards the right direction.

Avoid Lame Excuses

Never use lame excuses for not participating in preaching Islam. Although, it is a fact that life in modern time is extremely busy and people find it very hard to spare sufficient time for preaching the religion. However, this is not an excuse at all for not playing your role in spreading the true religion, Islam. It is not mandatory that you join a preaching organization and only then you can preach or spread the religion. This is not the case and you can preach the teachings of Islam to all those around you, in the house, office, or neighbourhood.

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