Islam and Holy Quran

Islam and Quran

Muslims are too blessed because they belongs to the most righteous and only true religion Islam, Islam is a religion of peace and harmony and to guide its believers Muslims are blessed with the Holy Quran. This is not just an ordinary worldly book but it is complete code of conduct which provide guidance in all the stages and aspects of life. In any period or phase of life you come across to any difficulty and problem and you are oblivious that how to handle that situation then take help of Holy Quran as it will give you answer to all your questions and solution to your problems.

Islam teaches it followers to always be positive, follow the righteous path and spread peace. Every Muslim should know the actual purpose of living in this world, which is to worship ALLAH Almighty and this is the key for your happiness in this world and world hereafter. Worshipping ALLAH Almighty keeps Muslims conscious of Him and thus helps in staying away from all evils, evil acts, committing oppression and sins and injustices. It makes us righteous and virtuous Muslim with high-quality character.  By following the commands and orders of ALLAH Almighty, we can lead ourselves to the most excellent in all the matters and affairs of life. When we become able to live a meaningful life, then are will be capable to get tranquillity and happiness around us.

Every Muslims when born naturally belongs to Muslim surrounding with Islamic teachings and knows that ALLAH Almighty is Only One. If a person get involve in worldly matters and lavishness and do not know about that how to make strong link with ALLAH Almighty then his survival will be puzzling and confusing because he distracts from the actual purpose and his life becomes distressing. Worshiping ALLAH Almighty and creating communication with ALLAH Almighty gives a person’s life a whole new meaning.

Muslims can communicate to ALLAH Almighty in any language, at any place and any place. Muslims supplicate to ALLAH Almighty, and say thanks for each and every blessing ALLAH Almighty bestowed in Muslims. In order to Worship ALLAH Almighty Muslims follows the pillars of Islam which are made obligatory to perform by all Muslims and with this Muslims performs other non-obligatory acts of worships. Muslims perform five times daily Namaz, Namaz in Arabic terminology known as ‘Salah’. Though Muslims can communicate to ALLAH Almighty easily, Muslims are blessed because they are never alone, they can get ALLAH’S Love, Mercy, Forgiveness in their whole life. Thus the important part is that Muslim should stay away from all the evil distractions and indulge in righteousness and follow the teachings of Islam, in order to become pious and righteous Muslim.

Hajj is the pilgrimage to Makkah which is an obligatory act of worship and every Muslim should have to perform Hajj at least once in their lifetime. Hajj is the pillar of religion Islam and every able body must carry this blessed journey. Now, Muslims visit Makkah for performing Hajj by taking Hajj Package deals that make their sacred journey memorable.

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