Lingual Meaning Of Umrah


Umrah in language means visit (ziyarat). In Islamic term, Umrah means Holy visiting Kaaba along with its special rules.


– Any person intends to visit Holy city Makkah, even for a little period of time, he should enter the holy city putting on pilgrim’s garment (Ihram), in addition to intend performing Umrah or Hajj, if it was not during Hajj season, he wear pilgrim’s garment for performing “single Umrah”, and carrying out its acts according to the series approved by Islamic code.

Acts of performing Umrah

They are as the following:

1- Wearing pilgrim’s garment (Ihram) and repeating the intention (Niyyat).

2- Circumambulation. (Al-Tawaaf).

3- Performing circumambulation’s (tawaaf) prayer.

4- Performing Saaee that is running between the hills of Safa and Marwah.

5- Shortening and clipping (Halq and Takseer).

Time for performing Umrah

* There is not any specific period of time for performing single Umrah; it could be carried out at any time throughout the year.

* Wearing pilgrim’s garment (Ihram) at any Meeqat station or the nearest point to the holy masjid.

Wearing pilgrim’s garment (Ihram)- The first act of Umrah

Place of Ihram
Pilgrims head for Holy city Makkah to perform Umrah should put on pilgrim’s garment (Ihram) before entering in Makkah.
With regard to Makkah’s inhabitants or those who live at the suburbs of the sacred city should go to the nearest point (Meeqat) to put on pilgrim’s garment.

Ihram procedure
Men should take off sewed clothes (even underwear clothing), and putting on 2 pieces only, first piece covers the lower part of the body, whereas the second piece covers the upper part of the body, then the pilgrims repeat the intention (Niyyat) for single Umrah.

** Ladies have the right to repeat the intention (Niyyat) of Umrah while they are putting on their own clothing, they do not have to take off sewed garments and put on 2 pieces as men do.

** Intention (Niyyat) for Ihram should be said while pilgrims putting on the Ihram, this act and the following ones should be executed on the intention of obedience to ALLAH’S orders and decrees.

Different issues: 

1- Pilgrim’s garments (ihram) should be clean and lawful.
2- Ladies, as a precautionary measure, should refrain from putting on silky clothing.
3- If it happened that impurity or dirtiness touched pilgrim’s body or his garments, as a precautionary measure, (should refer to religious scholars’ fatwa), he should purify his body and change his Ihram.

Prohibited acts during Ihram: 
From the moment pilgrim puts on Ihram and repeating intention (Niyyat) of Umrah, an individual becomes in a state of ritual dedication, he should refrain from all prohibited acts until the end of Umrah acts.  is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK offers a range of  Umrah 2018 Packages from UK.

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