Things to Keep In Mind before Going to Makkah:

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If making a decision to move for appearing to perform spiritual and religious obligation then you definitely need to know the etiquettes of visiting for pilgrimage Hajj. For Muslims is now open for booking Hajj Packages 2018. Make your sacred journey to Makkah memorable with our luxury and cheap Hajj Packages 2018, by confirming … Continue reading "Things to Keep In Mind before Going to Makkah:"

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Common Mistakes In Ihram And Saaee Part 1


  Lying, boasting and cursing about oneself (based on wealth, position or genealogy in such a way that other Muslim is insulted) are always forbidden. Its prohibition, though, is intensified in the state of ihram. And its penalty is looking forgiveness from ALLAH Almighty; however, the penalty of sacrificing is required based on precaution. Sometimes … Continue reading "Common Mistakes In Ihram And Saaee Part 1"

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