Reasons To Perform Hajj At A Young Age


In Islam, Hajj is a necessary obligation once in a lifetime if one has ability to afford its cost and can bear the hardships related with it. For this purpose, millions of Muslims perform this obligation every year. But it is clear from statistics, number of youth performing this obligation is much less than the elder. This fact is a result of some thinking in our youth which must be addressed in right time.


Well, it is right that youth is age for shaping the destiny. But religion is a part of life without which, one’s life is incomplete. Progress in this world is temporary but what you really need with this, is inner peace and calmness which comes after serving religion. We will try to convince you to perform Hajj as early as possible. Hope you’ll be convinced gladly.

Unpredictable Life

The one universal fact which everybody knows and nobody can deny irrespective of his religion and even atheists agree on this truth and that is “Life is unpredictable”. So you do today what you have to do and never leave this earth heavy heartedly knowing that you have not accomplished something which was needed to be achieved. One of the most famous quotations of Ibn-e-Maja is “Go for the performance of Hajj. Because nobody knows what may obstruct one”. Youth is age when person wants to achieve so many things at a time but most important thing is to achieve is inner piece which you will surely feel after you have come back from Hajj.

Have your sins forgiven

People do sins I their life, sometimes knowingly and sometimes unknowingly. Allah promises us that sins will be forgiven if one performs hajj in true love of Allah. If a person realizes that he is sinful, he should not wait for older age to come to perform Hajj.

Get a useful experience

Hajj is not a just all about performing an obligation with blind eyes. People learn so many things from Hajj which helps them in their future decisions. Let us take an example. During Hajj, Millions of people from hundreds of countries gather. People learn to live with brotherhood among themselves. They learn unity and brotherhood. This thing can help you personally and professionally. Similarly, another thing which Hajj clearly teaches is the respect for the fellow humans which is in fact the essence of any religion on planet earth.

Youth is best time to perform Hajj

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