Some Common Mistakes Performing of Umrah


During this whole act, we keep ourselves attentive and focused but there can also be some mistakes that are mostly made unintentionally because in managing a lot of things at the same time can make some confusion. If you do not bother about your arrangements, you are likely to make a lot of mistakes. You need to act sensibly and seriously. There can be some of the common mistakes that you are likely to make and we are pointing them out only for you. This way you will not get into trouble and will do it without a hassle that is otherwise likely to encounter.

False Practice

Whenever you make a plan for doing such a sacred act, you need to think of everything positive and legitimate. This way you will be able to check every false practice that comes into your mind. The sacred observances must be performed as they are justly performed when you do this. When you are present in a holy land and doing everything in order to please Allah, you are expected not to make such a false practice of doing anything deceptive. This way you are also going to face gross punishment from the authority and also from Allah.

Spending Much on Meals

In the holy land, there is a large number of meals provided to the pilgrims that are specially cooked for them and is free of cost. This way expenses for the meals can be saved to spend on something else. This amount of meals in bulks is also wasted when not consumed. Keeping these points in mind you can take advantage of this and can save the best part of your budget.

Not Carrying Medicines

You must take the necessary medicines along with you. This way you may not get into serious trouble when you will encounter an emergency. The necessary medicines are also a must to take alongside you as you have to take them so that you can avoid any health complications that can stop you from performing the act of Umrah comfortably. This mistake can create a serious problem for you.

Not Reciting Necessary Dua’s

Firstly, you need to learn all the necessary Dua’s.  Secondly, when you have learned them all, you need to recite them wherever they are required. It is an act of worship and is incomplete without the necessary Dua’s.

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