Some Haram Things in Islam That Need To Be Avoided

Some Haram Things in Islam That Need To Be Avoided

Islam is a religion that teaches us about humanity, belief in ALLAH and last prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is considered the second largest religion throughout the world. There is the majority of Muslim in more than 50 countries. There are many aspects which are strictly prohibited or Haram in Islam and that is given below:

Listening Music:

Music is melodious, which is strictly prohibited in Islam, there are many scholars, who provide a specific reason for calling Music as a Haram in Islam. You can also check the Quran and many relevant Hadis as well.

Playing Gambling or Drinking Alcohol:

It is considered the most sin activity in Islam. ALLAH and our beloved Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) has strictly prohibited from drinking alcohol and playing gambling or sitting in the community of both activities. When you are drunk you are unable to pray.

Hitting Others And Yourself:

If you are hitting without any reason to yourself or any person (like in face or any body part) is strictly prohibited in Islam. Even Muslim brothers are also prohibited while hitting their own child. However, in Islam, killing or hurting is also avoided.

Earning Interest or Eating Interest:

In Islam, Riba is never allowed just because of it’s a system or activity that is gathering from an unspecified source in which you don’t even have any hardworking. The banking system is base on the Interest level. A person thinks that he can be rich by taking an interest.

Men Wearing Gold or Silk:

It is strictly haram on men that he could wear gold or silk dress because these are the women attributes and in Islam, men are not like women or women have to avoid by wearing or behaving like men.


Today, it is very easy to gather interest, watch anything or search that is quite triggered. Meanwhile, it has a negative impact on your wealth. As a result, Islam strictly prohibited for Muslim and they are label as the title of Zina. Additional, it can be the way to cure toward the addiction of Masturbation.

With The Name Of ALLAH, The Animal Is Slaughtering:

Muslims are ordered to slaughter the animal by the name of ALLAH. If they are not saying Bismillah Allah O Akber, at the time of animal slaughter then the animal is considered as haram in Islam. So always remember to say at the time of slaughter.

Making Tattoos:

In Islam, making a tattoo in any part of the body is strictly prohibited.

Attempting Suicide:

Today, often peoples are attempting suicide, especially it is the trend of young generation when their demand is not fulfilled, when they are in depression or when they are not ready to face the world.

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