What Is The Dignity Of The Rajab, Shaban And Ramadan Month?


Muslim believes on Islamic month, but there are three continuously months, seems like back to back blessing, that is Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadan. With the immemorial time, Muslims experienced a kind of spiritual pleasure while entering in these three months because it brings the generous blessing of Allah. Furthermore, Allah made these months as a season of gathering and achieving awards, many of our believing brothers even spent these months in fasting.

According to Anas Ibn Malik (R.A), our beloved Prophet (PBUH) Said: “Rajab is the month of Almighty Allah, Shaban is considered as my month, and Ramadan is the month for my ummah.”

Furthermore, Anas ibn Malik (R.A) said, when the month of Rajab started, the Prophet (PBUH) said the following words: “O Allah! Bless for us the months of Rajab and Shaban and bring us closer to Ramazan.”

Value Of These Three Months:

The months of Rajab, Shaban, and Ramadan have a special place in our religion. These months have another feature like four or maybe five blessed nights that cleanse Muslims from sin with great virtues, vast grace, all-embracing forgiveness, and endless blessings fall on these three months.

Throughout the whole year, there are five bless night that is the night of Mawlid, which falls on the 12th night of Rabi-ul-avval, the second night is the night of Ragab; the third is the night of Miraj; the fourth is the night of Baraat; the fifth is the night of al-Qadr.

Indeed, the nights of Miraj, Baraat, and al-Qadr occurring in these three months are like oases occasionally found in the desert. Feel like a traveler and life is a journey, you have to travel through the desert, under the scorching sun and among the sandstorms, when you tired, you just looking for an opportunity to rest and refresh your strength to continue the journey. Same like that, in our daily routine life, the bless nights are an opportunity to calm the suffocating souls, purify the heart and conscience, from enveloping the sadness, so it’s easy to repent sins. The whole purpose of this is to realize and understand the central concept of the blessing month.

Anyone who pays attention to the blessing night will retain both himself and his property. Those who do not follow them will face some serious trouble. Allah has ordered all Muslims for spending their life according to Sunnah. Probably, it is true that these moments should be an opportunity for us to come to our senses and be cleansed from sins.

We must cautious about the opportunities that are given by Allah. We pray to the Allah Almighty that we all may spend these three blessed months just like Allah want from us, so it become an opportunity for believers to achieve divine forgiveness and give peace and tranquility to all Muslims.

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